The Riddikulus Parallel Megatrick, Fairfield

With the release of the remaining Rummy Labyrinth cards, we finally get to speculate what the new Magia support will do for the Palemoon clan and its interaction with Masked Phantom, Harri. I would like to say much of the support is solid, but in fact its underwhelming. Because of this I will wait to play test some of the new support before making a final judgement. I will, however, go ahead and provide my initial thoughts on the new GR, Parallel Megatrick, Fairfield. I have included the card text below for anyone who isn’t familiar with the card.

parallel-megatrick-fairfield text

Let me start off by saying, the art is beautiful. I know we had to wait until the very end for the reveal, but I wasn’t disappointed by the overall card design. I am anxiously waiting its release in English.

In terms of its skill, I am on the fence. I appreciate the fact that it allows you to shuffle at least two triggers back into the deck, and gives players the opportunity to Call out a pressuring unit. But its cost is too much for a Generation Break 3 restriction. I am glad Bushi R&D realized we needed some recycling power,  because we did, but when you look at what Granblue can do with the same amount of resources, its clear, Palemoon got the shaft. Now before people chime in with the hate, I would like to point out that in a set where only one other clan is featured, it is very difficult not to notice the considerable gab in power one clan has over the other. Logistically speaking, cards like Goauche and Negrosonger, do so much more for less cost and restriction.

Additionally, the added ACT ability given to the unit called with Fairfield’s skill is slightly overshadowed by the fact that the unit cannot be chose by card effects. Because of its wording, the user cannot target the called unit with trigger effects. In a meta where, g Guardians can now easily provide an additional +25k shield, RESIST would have been a much better option. The card called with Fairfield’s skill has no battle interaction outside of an initial attack and possibly a stand trigger, provided you do not use the act ability. In order to better compete against decks which have multi-attack capabilities, but are also able to mitigate the cost (i.e. Gear Chronicle and Granblue), this card simply needed the RESIST wording to make it a viable stride target. Because of Fairfield’s limitations, Dragon Masquerade Harri is a much more viable Stride target. It both enables multi-attacks without depending on stands and has a unique control ability.

If I had to rate Parallel Megatrick I would give it a 6.5/10. This is mainly due to the evolution of other clans simply out pacing what this card enables Palemoon players to do. If we ever get a more consistent counter charging engine,= this card will definitely sky rocket in terms of utility but for now Dragon Masquerade, Harri is the better card.



5 thoughts on “The Riddikulus Parallel Megatrick, Fairfield

  1. Hi, I’m kinda new here but ever since I saw Vanguard I had a sudden love of PM, especially since it fits my playing style so much. I attack !! Wup! Come back, guys! Performance over! Just gotta love it.
    When I am playing a Masked Phantom Harri deck, is Prana preferable? Also, is Mireille an option? I read your blog and I’m kinda confused, so Fairfield is less preferable than Dragon Masquerade Harri? Please reply!


    1. Thanks for your comment Chester. Palemoon is definitely fun. To answer your question, Prana is a good first turn set up card. There are many instances where you simply do not have a soul good enough to apply pressure, and she helps you achieve that. Additionally, Mireille is a good substitute for Darkside as she has the magia ability. I would not run her at more than 2 however, because her VG ability pales in comparison to Harri and Manticore. When I said Fairfield is less preferable to Harri, I mean that Dragon masquerade can apply much more pressure than Fairfield. It allows you to multiattack, and minus your opponents on board resources. I hope this helps. I will be adding an updated post soon.


  2. Thanks! I’ll be looking forward to your updated post. I’ve got 1 more question.
    Which one is better, OG Harri or Phantom Harri, and how should I use them? Is there any strategies I can pull off? Especially with Lappin, how do you pull off large power columns with her?


    1. In addition, what is a better option to replace Darkside Princess? Mireille or Lappin?

      Found your blog very helpful, tks!!


  3. Sorry to bother you again, but I was thinking that maybeI could have som deck building advice from a PM expert?

    Here is my current build: (I chose to not go with Darkside Sword Master and Darkside Princess cause, cash problems? lmao)

    Grade 0 : (17)
    Pleasure Caster x1 ( Starting Vanguard )
    Prankster Girl of Mirrorland x4 (Stand)
    Skyhigh Walker x4 (Stand, Flipper)
    Tender Breeder x4 (Heal)
    Poison Juggler / Silver Thorn Assistant, Dixie x4 (Critical)

    Grade 1: (14)
    Hoop Master x4 (Perfect Guard)
    Masquerade Bunny x3 (Stride Fodder)
    Cutie Paratrooper x3
    Unicycle Tumbler / Dagger Magician, Ety x2
    Egg Juggler x2

    Grade 2: (11)
    Miss Direction x4
    Face Magician, Lappin x4
    Flying Peryton x3

    Grade 3: (8)
    Masked Phantom, Harri x4
    Masked Magician, Harri x2
    Praised Evil Tamer, Mireille x2

    G-Zone: (11)
    Crudelis Dragon Master, Janet x2
    Ardor Dragon Master, Amanda x2
    Carnivorous Megatrick, Prana x2
    Dragon Masquerade, Harri x1
    Jester Demonic Dragon, Wandering Dragon x2
    Chainsaw Megatrick, Furnival x2

    P.S. I’m not sure if I should run Dixie or Poison Juggler for the crits. Poison Juggler’s ability is good with the PM mechanics, but Dixie can return herself back into the deck, which is basically an endless crit chain. Also, should I run Dagger Magician or Unicycle Tumbler? Unicycle is a great flipper and G1 9k, but Dagger Magician does not have GB restrictions and actually does something in your hand. A little help? It would be much appreciated.


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